That Chewing Sensation…

Life occasionally offers us delicious examples of comeuppances to our enemies. Recent events have provided two in quick succession:


I hope you weren’t eating. But we need a reminder. This is Dianne Feinstein, U. S. senator from the State of California. Those of us who care about rights are well versed in her dedication to tyranny, but just in case some of my readers have missed the memo, here’s what she told 60 Minutes:

More recently, she’s taken time off from pushing gun control to criticize the actions of Edward Snowden, accusing him of treason. She has no problem with the NSA spying on American citizens.

But in the last few days, she’s swung around so fast that I’m surprised her hair isn’t on backward. It seems that the CIA had the nerve to spy on the Senate. And that’s too much for her highness. Has she become a born-again good citizen, ready to protect our rights? I doubt it. But it is pleasant to see her cooked in her own sauces.

This story recalls the tale of the frog and the scorpion. The scorpion asks the frog for a ride across a river, and though the frog is suspicious, he allows the scorpion on his back. The scorpion stings the frog in midstream, explaining that such an act is in its nature. The characteristic of spy agencies is that they spy. It’s the job of legislators to provide oversight, not carte blanche, but when someone like Feinstein falls down in her duty, she has only herself to blame when she is on the receiving end of violations.

She’s not alone, though, in experiencing a comeuppance. Blowhard British loudmouth, Piers Morgan–this fellow:


is set to have his show, Piers Morgan Live, cancelled by CNN. Morgan developed a reputation for telling Americans how we should run our country and for shouting over his guests who didn’t meekly agree with his every comment. And lo! his ratings plummeted.

Now he’s welcome to express himself however he chooses, but at the same time, we’re not under any obligation to listen to him.

These two deserve each other:

With any luck, they can buy an island and inhabit it together, monitoring each other’s activities and explaining to each other how they are superior to the rest of us.

Barring that, we can enjoy seeing them wake up to the chomping sensation in their bums. Feinstein and Morgan, what you’re feeling is called life biting you in the arse. Since sitting will be difficult for you, how about joining us in standing up for our rights?


5 thoughts on “That Chewing Sensation…

  1. Simon J.

    “With any luck, they can buy an island and inhabit it together, monitoring each other’s activities and explaining to each other how they are superior to the rest of us.”

    Please NO!

    Their not doing so is proof, along with beer, that God loves us. Can you imagine the insufferable nation those two would breed as Adam and Eve on their own little island?

      1. Simon J.

        To quote from Jurassic Park, “Life Finds a Way.”

        Best not take any chances.

  2. Prof. Godel Fishbreath

    I think you might be missing some of the point.
    I have been disappointed in our senator’s stance on the intel community. I feel that they need restrictions and monitoring, and I do not like the idea that the US has been changed to being internally spied upon.
    But she was convinced that they were good and OK, and then… it was like they turned on her, and she was outraged.
    While spying on the senate was a straw, being lied to was what broke her back, so to speak.

  3. xolilyn

    Hi Greg,
    I asked a question about pre and post NCLB on HuffPo. Thanks so much for responding. I’m very curious about the new education standards — not so much in of themselves — but as to how they affect classroom learning. There’s also a great article on Slate from a teacher who’s had to deal with the Common Core standards and the requisite teaching and the trials they’ve come up against in NYC:

    Are you still teaching? What grades do you teach? Do you feel kids were better at critical thinking and reasoning than the most current students are now? Please email me at I’m not working a documentary at the moment, but my background is in documentary and I’m interested in starting initial research on this topic.

    Best wishes,
    Lily N.


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