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A New .45

I love my CZ vz. 52 pistol.  It has a funky, steampunk design and will shoot hollowpoints and the crummiest surplus ammunition without complaint.  It also has a few faults:  a strange grip angle, a fragile firing pin, and an odd cartridge chambering (as much as I like it).  I also love my 1911, even though it’s finicky about what it eats.  Here’s my proposal for a new pistol design:  a marriage of the two.  It would have the following characteristics:

1.  the grip angle of the 1911

2.  a single stack magazine

3.  a chambering in .45 ACP

4.  the roller-lock action of the vz. 52 with the recoil spring around the barrel

5.  the single-action, lightweight trigger of the 1911

6.  a frame-mounted, ambidextrous safety that leaves the slide free to move, but locks the firing pin and hammer

7.  a grip safety with a beavertail

8.  decent, factory-installed, fixed sights

9.  a slide-lock lever

10.  a strong, positive, and reliable extractor

11.  a barrel-mounted feedramp

This design would create a pistol with a slim profile that would shoot an excellent cartridge.  The .45 ACP round could even be loaded much hotter with the stronger action.  The weapon could be loaded and checked without turning off the safety.  It would feed and extract cartridges with a variety of bullet shapes.

I won’t ask for royalties for this idea.  Just give me the first one off the assembly line, and you may manufacture and sell as many as the market will bear.