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It’s Only $0.99!

You’ve read my writing on this site for a while now (unless you’re new to this weblog); you’ve read my stories (for free!) at So far, your only payment has been suffering through what I wrote. But now, you get to spend coin of the realm. Go here:


and buy my stories. There’s one, “A Private Triumph,” available now, and another one will be up soon. It’s formatted for a variety of devices–PDF, Kindle, Nook, etc.–so you have no excuses (unless you love paper, as I do). You can’t even use the price as your reason, since it goes for $0.99. As the telephone scam commercial once asked, what else can you get for a buck these days?


A fellow writer, Velda Brotherton ( introduced me to a website that looks promising:

I’ve been going through some old short stories of mine, reformatting them to work with the e-book system. At the moment, I’m uploading one, and I’ll let my readers know when it’s for sale and where.

New posts on the usual topics to come soon.