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In the News: Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot

A couple of items in the news this week have put me into my usual depression about human nature:

1. A couple of Limeys got married today (29 April 2011). Now I understand why the British public cares, but didn’t we Americans fight a revolution so as not to have to pay attention to these posh tossers? Folks, it looks to be time to affix bayonets.

2. President Obama released his long form birth certificate this week, whatever that’s supposed to mean. He released the basic birth certificate during the campaign in 2008. The question about where he was born was legitimate, in the sense that it’s legitimate for any candidate, because the U. S. Constitution requires the president to be a natural-born citizen (or to have been a U. S. citizen when the Constitution was adopted–such as some candidates over the last several decades), but that was dealt with. Conspiracy theory believers ought to have to answer this challenge: What evidence would falsify your belief? It’s easy to make assertions without proof. It’s easy to deny credible information that contradicts the assertions. But truth has an inconvenient way of demanding more.

Americans, live up to our ancestors!