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Seriously, Google?

I recently had occasion to confirm the correct spelling of Cardassian. For those of you not familiar with the various series of Star Trek, the Cardassians are rivals of the Federation, and they bring a measure of delicious wickedness to the shows. What alarms me is that Google had the nerve to ask me if I meant Kardashian in my search.

Kardashian? What’s that?

O.K., unfortunately, I have heard of that dolled up skank. Dear Google, if I drank a gallon of prune juice, I still wouldn’t give a shit about anything to do with the Kardashians. Are we clear now?

Google: Don’t Be Evil!

Let us for a moment gather together to mourn what Google used to be.  It was a beautiful search engine.  It gave abundant results without clutter.  It didn’t pretend to be all knowing; in other words, it didn’t try to tell me what I wanted to find.  It was clean, simple, and powerful.

Alas for the good old days.  Now what do we have?  Side bars, suggestions, Google Instant, and all manner of other annoyances that have made Google seem more and more like the junk that comes out of that nuisance-mongering company in Redmond, WA.  I shouldn’t have to spend my time searching for ways to turn off all of the crap that Google keeps adding to its search engine.  I just want the basic tool that Google used to be.

If you have suggestions as to what I can do, I’ll be grateful, but do understand that most of what I have seen so far won’t work for me.  I use Firefox as my browser, and I’ve set it to delete cookies after each session.  Saving my preferences would require me not to have that done.  I’m not going to sacrifice privacy just to accomodate Google.  Nor do I want to make some form of Google my homepage.  I have a blank homepage because I don’t want my computer to tell me where to go.  That’s my decision, thank you.

In other words, I’ve read the suggestions on-line about how to turn off the add-ons, but nothing I’ve seen suits what I want.  The trouble here is exactly what is wrong with Microsoft.  A bunch of busybodies get together to figure out who I am and what I want and then dump it on me, after having driven out the competition.  What they can’t accept is that I want control over my computer.  I want to select the tools that I use; I don’t want the machine to make suggestions to me, and above all, I want a computer that is obedient to me.

My message to Google is simple.  Follow your unofficial motto:  Don’t be evil.  To put things in other words, words that I recognize as insulting, Google, stop trying to be like Microsoft.