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MGM is producing a remake of the 1984 film, Red Dawn.  The original is a classic, in the same way that The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai is:  interesting story with cheap effects and bad acting.  It starred Patrick Swayze and Charlie Sheen, if that tells you anything.  That being the case, the idea of the story was a good warning.  It has illegal immigrants crossing the southern border, pretending to be migrant workers, with the purpose of disrupting lines of communication with the Soviets begin the invasion.  As speculation about what could happen, it worked.

So much for the original.  As has been noted many times, film studios these days are incapable of making anything new, Hollywood having adopted the principle of recycling.  Sometimes, the result is worthy or good fun–True Grit or The A-Team, for example.  But usually, we get abominations like 2009’s Star Trek.

Since the film has yet to be released, I haven’t seen it.  According to the news this morning (17 March 2011), MGM is worried that since the new version had the Chinese as the invading power, China might get miffed and not let MGM play in its economy.  The studio is using an airbrush to change national symbols to those of North Korea.  It seems that the DPRK doesn’t have enough movie theaters to warrant MGM’s concern.

What an interesting world.  McDonalds is selling hamburgers in the former Soviet Union, and the Chinese get editorial power on our movies.  My response to all of this is simple: