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A Slap to the Facebook

Today, Facebook informed me that I would not be allowed to make friend requests for a week. It seems that I have been talking to people who don’t know me.


Uh huh.


Facebook exists for two reasons:

1. To keep people busy looking at baby pictures so they don’t pay attention to how deeply screwed our world is becoming.

2. To separate people from their money.

I’m on Facebook for the latter reason. That’s the only reason that I’m on Facebook. I want you to buy my book. I’d also appreciate it if you talked about it with all of your “friends,” but that, like buying the book, is up to you.

But if all you care about are baby pictures, here you go:


That one’s not mine, but then, I’m guessing many of those babies on Facebook don’t really belong to all those people who aren’t my friends, either.