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An Open Letter to Blanche Lincoln

Blanche Lincoln is about to enter the ranks of the unemployed, having lost the election for Arkansas’s U. S. senate seat.  This is the letter that I wrote to her:

I noted with great pleasure that you lost your bid to be reelected.  Lest you lump me in with the general mood of voters this year, I am glad that you lost because you killed the public option in the healthcare reform bill.  I needed that option.

Since you are about to be unemployed, let me recommend that you go to your local unemployment office soon, since the processing takes a long time.  Have your relevant documents with you.  You’ll need to explain why you were fired.  (Voter anger)

Your healthcare needs will also be complicated.  Apply at your local community health clinic.  You’ll need proof of income and employment status.  Since you’ve had health insurance, you’ll have to explain why you lost it.  (Voter anger)  Otherwise, you can attempt to continue your current benefits with COBRA, but that can be pricey, and you are unemployed.

Of course, I realize that the preceeding paragraphs were unrealistic.  You don’t know what many of your constituents go through.  I was just being hopeful.

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