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Are You a Man or a Whiny Crybaby?

Over the last week, a Twitter phenomenon has come to my attention that reminds me that absurdity and whining never go away–as if such reminders are necessary. The subject in question is meninism. If you don’t have the time or inclination to read many of the relevant tweets, I understand. They’re a bunch of misogynist jokes, pictures I didn’t want to see, and whiny-butt crying about how men just want to be equal.

That’s nice–the goal of equality, that is. But here’s a clue: Your rights aren’t being violated if a woman doesn’t hold a door open for you. If you think that my example is an exaggeration of the meninist position, perhaps you should read those tweets.

I’ve written about questions of masculinity and equal rights for men and women before, so it’s not that I find the subject trivial. Presuming this isn’t some parody movement and thus a joke in poor taste, I have two main objections to meninism:

1.  Language


Feminism is derived from feminine.  If people are serious about this, they should call the movement masculinism.

2.  Manning up


When you can prove to me that men are somehow suffering a loss of rights under a matriarchy, I’ll listen. Until then, cry me a river, build a bridge, and get over it.

In fact, it’s best that “meninists” follow this fellow’s advice: