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This introduction will be a measured first dose, both to you and to me.  After years of trying to hide from the Silicon Age, I am finally venturing out into a web log.  I shall be learning the process as slowly or as quickly as I do, but I am not a native of this realm.  My entries in this log will come when they do.  Lapses in technological usage are to be expected.

I shall try to give my qualifications to write about the subjects of my entries when it seems appropriate.  As stated elsewhere, my writing here is my responsibility.  At a minimum, the opinions are based on the observations, thoughts, and judgements of a citizen who has received a variety of education and experience.  (I hesitate to write, “learned from” or “benefited from,” as that remains to be seen. As Aristotle wrote, “call no man happy until after he has died.”)  That’s as may be.  If I give advice or make a comment, treat it for what it is worth according to your lights.

If you read these entries and wish to comment, you may do so by name or anonymously.  You may express whatever opinion you wish.  I do appreciate grammatical and well-chosen language, and I have no respect for the sloppiness that I often see on the Internet and in print.  So why am I doing this?  I have been a classroom instructor for the last almost twelve years, and I enjoy sharing my views on any number of topics.  Here, I do not have to confine myself to the subject of the course.  I can ramble on at will without anyone worrying that what I write will appear on the test, and I do not have to assign grades.   Consider this to be a loose kind of symposium.  We are not together in space and time, and we have no wine to share (feel free to enjoy some on your own, but pour libations to the gods if you are willing), but perhaps we can offer each other a few interesting thoughts.