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Park It!

Have you noticed the parking lot schlub who sits waiting near the entrance of a lane because other customers have just reached their cars?  This obnoxious person blocks the path for even minutes on end, snarling traffic throughout the lot, to get a space that’s close to the door.

I understand that some people need easier access to the store, but for those of us who are not physically disabled (as opposed to having a moral disability), there’s nothing wrong with parking farther out.  I’m sure that none of my readers act boorishly, but to those others who do, think about this:  If you park at greater distance, you’ll get a little exercise that will extend your lifespan.  That way, you can annoy the crap out of decent human beings for that much longer.

Feel free to print up this idea as a flyer and leave it on the windshields of offensive drivers.