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Hang Up and Drive?

On Talk of the Nation today (26 October 2010), Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood argued that there need to be laws in all states banning the use of a cell phone while driving.  I tend to agree (at least idiots ought to be banned, but that’s another discussion), but LaHood went on to clarify that police officers would be exempted from these laws.

I see.  So yet again, agents of the government are able to do things that are just too dangerous for the rest of us.  The serfs must not be allowed to educate their own children, carry arms or even own them, and now use cell phones while driving.  All of those things belong to the nobility or their soldiers.

Secretary LaHood, you need to understand that there are good reasons why citizens hate the government.  Citizens insist that the law must apply equally to all.  Citizens believe that no one in a free country is above the law.  Secretary LaHood, citizens may invite you to join the rest of us out of office in the next election.