A Slap to the Facebook

Today, Facebook informed me that I would not be allowed to make friend requests for a week. It seems that I have been talking to people who don’t know me.


Uh huh.


Facebook exists for two reasons:

1. To keep people busy looking at baby pictures so they don’t pay attention to how deeply screwed our world is becoming.

2. To separate people from their money.

I’m on Facebook for the latter reason. That’s the only reason that I’m on Facebook. I want you to buy my book. I’d also appreciate it if you talked about it with all of your “friends,” but that, like buying the book, is up to you.

But if all you care about are baby pictures, here you go:


That one’s not mine, but then, I’m guessing many of those babies on Facebook don’t really belong to all those people who aren’t my friends, either.


7 thoughts on “A Slap to the Facebook

  1. Brenda

    Thanks for this post too. I would also be interested in your advice and counsel for those not yet on Facebook. What security steps do you take & advise? Say you are in a group of authors or readers as the case may be — can ALL your “friends” see your comments?

    And how does Facebook KNOW you don’t know these people?

    When I join I am planning to use a new e-mail address so they cannot soak up my address book without my permission.

    Further thoughts appreciated.

    1. Greg Camp Post author

      My old Hotmail e-mail address is the one I have tied to Facebook. When I joined, that account got flooded with spam, so now I give my Hotmail address to sites that don’t care about my privacy and never check that account. So yes, create a dummy e-mail account and treat it as your spam folder.

      Trying to promote on Facebook while maintaining privacy there is probably impossible. I only use it to announce blog articles or things I’m promoting. I don’t put personal matters there as a rule, and I don’t spend much time on it. That way, I can leave the privacy settings wide open and not worry about it.

  2. Author Alice White

    I did the same thing regarding the email I use to log into Facebook. I used my old yahoo account, which is now defunct. I have my blog set up so that it will share whatever I post there to Facebook and Twitter, so I don’t have to constantly go to each individually. It saves a lot of time. I am still debating if Twitter is a good idea… but I keep it, for now 🙂 I seem to have more feedback from Facebook and the blog, so far.
    I don’t understand Facebook’s ‘rules’ most of the time either. Every time I go there they seem to be changing something, whether it be the timeline, rules about videos or who we can talk to! Still, I have a few friends there and followers to my Author page (which try to keep as separate as I can from my personal page), so I deal 😉
    Hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving. See you at NWAWW Thursday 🙂 🙂

  3. Brenda

    Thanks for these interesting comments.

    I enjoy Twitter & figure it doesn’t hurt. It is also a good way to learn about stuff — all those great links to everything from law library articles to the latest news. I’m not sure whether it helps on sales or not, but people can’t say no one told them and more people are getting on Twitter every day. Some writers have accounts tied to a particular book, some change those back and forth. I have decided to read some writers sooner than planned after their witty bon mots caught my attention.

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