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The Devil Ain’t Buying

Regular readers of this weblog, casual visitors, and even passersby on the dismal prairie that is the Internet know by now that I’m pushing a book. This has led me to do a number of things that I don’t like, including replacing the beloved Gadsden flag


with a picture of me lighting off my Remington revolver. It’s a good picture, even though it’s of me, taken by Oghma Creative Media‘s graphic design partner, Casey Cowan. He’s good at his job, and would be pleased to take your picture or design your book cover as well.

See? I’m shovelling all manner of schlock today.

But he thinks this blog needs my picture, rather than Johnston Green’s flag. (Points if you know the reference.) I’m raising this subject because I’m curious about what makes someone buy a book. Major publishers seem to think it’s a big name. If you’re a known writer of military thrillers, there’s no point in dying, because someone can keep writing in your name ad nauseum, for example. Quality is of no consequence. But since there are some 500,000 books published in America and Britain in a given year and many more cranked out elsewhere, authors that aren’t as widely known–in other words, aren’t as widely promoted–have to find other ways to get their books in front of the reading public–a sadly too small group of people.

And that’s why all this social media is necessary. If you don’t know that the book is available for sale, you can’t buy it. At this point, I’m willing to try lots of methods of getting you to see my books and those of others. And Oghma Creative Media will keep an eye on what works for future use. In the comments, tell me what draws your eye to a book and what moves you to buy it.

The rattlesnake flag will return.

Nuts, Casey.

Rocks of Ages

Dear Readers, you have the chance to enjoy my foray into Bigfoot fiction:


The story is actually titled, “The Rocks of Ages,” but that’s a small matter. If you want a print copy, order it here:


It appears in the anthology, Bigfoot Confidential.

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In Memoriam: Harry Harrison

On Twitter this morning (15 August 2012), I found the sad news that Harry Harrison has died. Harrison was the author of the Stainless Steel Rat series and of Make Room! Make Room!, the book that was the basis for the movie, Soylent Green. If you’re not familiar with his writing, you’ve missed out on a treat. (And Nick, if you’re reading this, give me back the book that I loaned you!) He shows us that the truth is often askew to the “normal” world, and we need more authors like him.

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