Je Suis Charlie

Yesterday (7 January 2015), three pathetic cowards who can’t handle criticism of their beliefs attacked the office of the French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo. Their cartoons can be seen all over the Internet now, showing that the people working there understood–and will continue to understand and practice–the value of comic criticism in a free society.

Words can’t do justice to the rage that all good people feel toward the oozing piles of dogshit that would kill to censor ideas. The best response is to use something from the culture that the attackers claim to defend, but, in fact, are dishonoring:


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3 thoughts on “Je Suis Charlie

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  2. Nick Payne

    The loss of life breaks my heart. The reason behind the attack makes me furious beyond an imagination. Your beliefs are weak if you can’t handle the criticism of said beliefs. This is an attack on free speech, of the right of the press. Satire is the sign of a healthy and sophisticated, free, democratic society. It is sad to see such an attack.

  3. retiredmustang62

    There is a reason most military members in the West view terrorists as cowards and bullies. Their penchant for attacking the unarmed and defenseless marks them as such, albeit deadly ones. It’s far easier to terrorize unarmed employees of a magazine than it is to terrorize a combat tested Marine Corps rifle company. That’s why they choose “soft” targets. Nice cultural reference, by the way.


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