Dear Facebook: Fuck You

Facebook keeps blocking me for making friend requests. Of course, I know hardly anyone who is called my friend on that site, and the reality is that it exists for two purposes:

1. Keep fools occupied with baby pictures and cheesy inspirational sayings

2. Businesses trying to separate the former from their money.

I fit into category number two.

But who cares? There’s an easy way to reject a friend request. Reject it. Big deal. The truth is that Facebook was created by a college dropout screwup who had to buy himself a wife to have someone who would pay him any attention. The site needs to hire someone with actual social skills to form rational policies.

Until then:



3 thoughts on “Dear Facebook: Fuck You

  1. Studying Facebook but NOT on Facebook (yet?)

    Love your succinct history of Facebook.

    Maybe ask your readers to Friend you? Or separately and in an un-Facebook connected e-mail ask them to send you friend requests?

    Would add only that with every type of friendship being put together it changed (it seems) the categories of relationships that used to exist in society — close friends, casual friends, barely know them acquaintances, know their face strangers, etc.

    1. Greg Camp Post author

      I’m to the point of deciding that it’s Twitter and YouTube that matter in social media. Facebook’s ever-moving goal posts and Byzantine rules make is a bloody bore.

  2. Studying Facebook but NOT on Facebook (yet?)

    I definitely think Twitter and YouTube matter. Twitter can be used in part to share your Facebook or blog posts or YouTube videos that you think matter.

    Facebook MAY be (and I have read it referred to as) something that one needs as a basic whether or not it helps. So you have it anyway and I may have to one day. I fear Zuckerberg’s malevolent efforts to out private information sneakily and publicly however.


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