WTF Meets Huh?

I was raised by fundamentalists, and while I saved myself from that nonsense–with the help of the writings of Isaac Asimov, Carl Sagan, and Stephen Jay Gould–I still remember how such people think. That being said, this is bizarre, even for them:

Without the label, would you have realized that Wounded on the Battlefield was an anti-masturbation public service announcement from the Mormons?

But more than that, what kind of army are we seeing? I get the Yugoslavian SKS. It’s a good carbine, though it’s ten-round magazine is passé these days. But what is the story with the guy shooting a Marlin 60? It’s a good firearm, too, but it’s a .22 Long Rifle shooter.

O.K., so perhaps I don’t understand fundamentalists as much as I thought. I almost said that I’m not that much in touch with them, but the puns will have to wait till this article is over.

Let the puns begin.


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