Comment Policy

To date, I’ve had an open policy regarding comments here. Unless something was obvious spam, it goes through. I’ve allowed the infamous Internet troll, Jadegold, to do a drive-by, and I permitted one disgusting remark about my cats to show that felines are often better than humans. I do this because I want to have a free flow of ideas, no matter how much I disagree with them.


However, being merely insulting and constantly misrepresenting what someone has to say does not add anything of value, and at this point, I’m having to deal with a commenter who insists on repeating those offenses. He knows who he is. If he’s willing to make comments that address the ideas of an article without sinking into twisting words and ad hominem attacks, his comments will be welcome.

I believe in free expression. But the reality of freedom is that to keep the genuine trolls from destroying the process, people have to take turns speaking. And shouting insults at another speaker keeps speech from being heard. It’s something like what is done with the Westboro Baptist Church people. They should be free to express themselves. But they are not free to deny others the same freedom.



2 thoughts on “Comment Policy

  1. mikeb302000

    Hahahahahahahaha. What a hypocrite you are. After all the hundreds of times you’ve denigrated others for the same thing, now you’re doing it. Ha.

    1. Greg Camp Post author

      No, Mikeb, I’ve informed one person that he is obliged to express his opinions without derailing the discussion with insults and mischaracterizations of what others are saying. He is still welcome to comment if he can follow that rule.


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