Fight Like a Girl?

The year of 2013 saw a number of advances in the area of basic rights, including gay marriage and marijuana. Another subject where things are getting better is women in the military.


That is a picture of the first woman to serve as a combat pilot in the Israeli airforce. Israel is one of several nations that already allow women to serve. The Norwegians even have had a woman command one of their submarines. Here in the United States, we’re in the beginning stages of opening combat roles to everyone.

There are concerns that opponents raise about this. The most basic one is about ability. Some worry about whether a woman will be able to go as far, carrying as much, and fight as hard as a man. The problem with this view is that man and woman aren’t discrete categories in terms of physical capacity. The strongest man may be stronger than the strongest woman with regard to upper body strength, but in the biological and social sciences, it’s known that there is more variability within a group than between groups. This means that an average man will not be as strong as a whole lot of women. This means that the average woman will be stronger than a whole lot of men.

What needs to happen here is to set one standard for what a soldier needs to be able to do. That should be a reasonable standard, based solely on what the mission requires. Anyone who can meet that standard should be accepted.


Of course, these days, many combat roles are flying an airplane or driving a tank–jobs that involve operating machinery. Still, the standard should apply to all.

But of greater concern are questions about sexual harassment and activity.


Yes, James T. Kirk is the worry. If he’s in charge of a unit with women in it, how long will it be before combat effectiveness suffers, due to a variety of problems that may, um, arise?

I can see this as a legitimate concern, but the answer is not to give in to the bad behavior of some. Businesses have had to figure these matters out, and that’s life. The military had to learn how to deal with personnel of all races and now of different orientations. Militaries run on rules, rules that often require people to do things that aren’t natural in normal times.

The key point here is one of equality. Rights come with responsibilities, and those include defending our nation. To participate equally, women need to be allowed to serve in the military, just as they are able to vote, to lead companies, and to hold political offices.


7 thoughts on “Fight Like a Girl?

  1. orlin sellers

    Personally, I wouldn’t encourage a woman to volunteer herself to an organization where 1 out of every 3 woman are raped and are not allowed to arm themselves for protection.

  2. TS

    Off topic, but I wanted to make sure you’re cool with the way I call “Steve’s” bluff over at Mike’s. I tell him to call the cops on me whenever I can, but most of the accusations of crimes are directed at you.

      1. TS

        Of course he already knows what the cops would say, which is why he won’t call them. He’ll either be yelled at or laughed at. He doesn’t believe his own BS.

        Went through the same thing with Jadegold a few years back when he accused a commentator of making death threats to him. I kept telling him to call the cops, when he finally answered it was, “I know that hi loons are all bark and no bite”, proving that he never considered the threat legitimate. Of course as I recall, it was the exact opposite of a threat. Something like, “if we’re so dangerously violent, why are you still alive?”

  3. Penny

    As a female trucker, wrench, welder, etc. etc. of the male dominated and non-traditional female roles….women aren’t equal. What I lack in height and strength I make up for in agility. What I lack in size I specialize in the jobs the men can’t do because their hands and bodies are too big, I an fit. We’re equal but we are DIFFERENT. End of the day, the end result is the same, label that equal regardless of path to get there. I will say, manual labor physically hurts a women by far more than it does a man and we are by far less timely in achieving the end goal. If a women can do it, go for it. I advise all women to “think” because you can’t tackle a problem in the same way and at the end of the day you will have done far more damage to your body than a man did. We can work together and in doing so compliment each other (equality) but we are not at all equal, we are different.

    I live and breath equality in a male dominated world but we do the most by acknowledging differences and playing to each others strengths. I despise modern day feminists.

    1. Greg Camp Post author

      As long as each person gets an equal chance, that’s fine with me, and your advice to think first is good for all.

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