Papers, Please

The reports of Michael Bloomberg’s departure from office as Mayor of the City of New York included a bit of information that I hadn’t heard before: a registry of diabetics.


If this sounds too extreme even for Bloomberg, read here and here. The hemoglobin A1C results of diabetics in the city are being compiled, presumably for the purpose of improving “health outcomes.” Any patient who wants out of this has to fill out this form.

But let’s consider the logic here. If Patient A has diabetes, it should be between A and A’s doctor to deal with A’s blood sugar. Patients B, C, and D may or may not also have diabetes, but the best way to treat all of them is for the doctor to work on lowering each one’s sugar levels individually.

I’m sure that some will call me paranoid here, but I see a trend toward far too much collection of data by government entities. The question we all need to be asking is not how do we keep our information private, but why does anyone else have a right to the information in the first place. Unless you get a good answer to that, refuse to give yourself away.


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