Boycott Christmas

The American Family Association is calling for a boycott of companies such as RadioShack in the belief that said commercial enterprises are not celebrating Christmas sufficiently.


What is it that RadioShack specifically has done to annoy the fundamentalists? The company is advertising holiday deals, rather than calling them Christmas sales.

OMGs. TEOTWAWKI. The sky is falling.

Oh, please.

RadioShack–and every other company on the AFA list–is a business trying to make money. It seeks to separate people from their cash, regardless of whether those people are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, atheist, or miscellaneous. (Blessed be the miscellaneous.) If the company’s advertising division decides that selling holiday merchandise will bring in more sales than selling only Christmas schlock, who cares? That’s not a War on Christmas. It’s a marketing decision.

In fact, this whole “War on Christmas” business indicates the weakness of the fundamentalist position. If your religious beliefs are dependent on everyone around you conforming to the same cultural attitudes and behaviors that you practice, you have weak beliefs. If you need your neighbor to agree with your Merry Christmas, you aren’t too certain about your own acceptance of the saying.

I am glad for you to possess whatever beliefs give meaning to your life. I have plenty of my own. But pluralism is the essence of freedom. A strong religion doesn’t need the endorsement of government to thrive. If we all do things and think things in exactly the same way, we live in a dull world. The fact that each one of us is free to our own decisions about matters of faith and meaning fits into the overall freedom of a democratic society. It also gives opportunities for new solutions to emerge, ones that a conformist society wouldn’t come up with.

But there’s another problem with the AFA’s boycott. Do they really want us to believe that this guy


is the true meaning of Christmas? (That’s Adam Smith, in case you’ve only heard about him on the radio.) I thought that the real point of Christmas was a birth that most certainly did not happen on the 25th of December in the year 1 A.D. The marketing decisions of corporations have nothing to do with the practice of a particular religion.

Besides, we ought to be aware by now that Christmas is a combination of Saturnalia and Yule, both pagan holidays. And what could be better than buying the work of a genuine heathen to give as gifts this season?


21 thoughts on “Boycott Christmas

  1. orlin sellers

    “The company is advertising holiday deals, rather than calling them Christmas sales.”

    Which ‘holiday’ are the deals for? To quote the late, great Charley Reese, “There is no such event as a generic holiday”.

    I am quite sure Radio Shack has a July 4th or Independence Day Sale, not a holiday deal. Probably a Columbus Day Sale.

    It’s amusing that every Federal holiday is based on a lie. Independence Day, July 4th was not the day Congress approved the document and Columbus did not discover America.

    I look forward to your pointing out the fallacies of each and every other Federal holiday.

    1. Greg Camp Post author

      There may not be a generic holiday, but there is a generic season, and the point is that businesses should be free to decide how they wish to address such events, no?

      1. orlin sellers

        There you go with one of your Nascar left turns again. The issue is Radio Shack and their holiday sale, not seasons. What holiday sale are they promoting? Very simple. It has absolutely nothing to do with seasons.

        Name a generic season.

        I don’t care what Radio Shack does, but if they are gonna call it a ‘holiday sale’ they should have the balls to name the holiday. Please, no Christmas trees in the store or Christmas carols over the store sound system. How can you possibly disagree with that?

      2. Greg Camp Post author

        Who cares? What does it matter what RadioShack chooses to say? If they want to call it the holiday season, that is accurate, since lots of religions celebrate a holiday around this time.

  2. Brenda

    Love this blog post! Guess I’ll have to buy some things at Radio Shack that I was thinking of waiting on.

    If the American Family Association is against something generally that something is the kind ethical way to act. (For those who want to boil complicated issues down to simpicity that isn’t usually possible that is one simple truth. If they are for it I’m against it and vice versa.

    Interestingly the awful person that founded the American Family Association was allowed to be a United Methodist minister out on special appointment and still was when I last checked their listings. Rumors abounded among the civilized members of the ministry that he had been kicked out but my research revealed that is not the case unfortunately. The Methodist Church has church trials but Mississippi has never used one on the poor excuse for a human being that founded the American “Family” Association (but in November in Pennsylvania there was a church trial on the minister father of a gay man who was kind enough to perform his wedding or something like that.) One minister told me there was nothing they knew of that they could use but I think they would have found something serious if they looked. (Use of the term “family” by the American “Family” Association reminds me of its use by The Mob and I’d bet the farm you’d be more likely to find a few good people in the Mob (stuck there perhaps or repentant) than in the American Family Association. My two cents.

    Love your mention they weren’t supposed to be worshipping money but that IS who they worship.

    Nadine Strossen makes the fabulous point in her book on the First Amendment that Donald Wildmon of the American “Family” Association thinks that looking at porn makes all other men EXCEPT HIM into dangerous perverts and Wildmon by his own words supposedly has looked at more porn than about anyon
    I’ve always said SOMEDAY we’ll find out lots of stuff about Donald Wildmon and the American Family Association. Tell your reporter friends to start digging NOW. The public needs to be reminded that there is almost always a criminal underbelly to people as vicious and hatemongering as Donald Wildmon and the other minions of the American “Family” Association.

      1. orlin sellers

        That’s ridiculous. If Radio Shack is boycotting Christmas why is it unreasonable for believers in Christmas to boycott Radio Shack. I look forward to your next left turn.

      2. Greg Camp Post author

        Are you unable to conceive of how I can call something ridiculous while still saying that it’s the person’s right to do it? I allow you to make comments here that I find amusing, for example.

  3. orlin sellers

    Sure Greg, I can conceive that. What I can’t conceive is why you blogged about Radio Shack and some wacky fundamentalists and then said, “Who cares.” That seems ridiculous. It also seems like something Mikeb would do to cleverly make disparaging comments about some group or person.

    1. Greg Camp

      My “who cares” attitude is that I don’t care what RadioShack calls this season. They may call it whatever they choose. I’m saying that the AFA is being silly here. It’s their right to be silly, but it’s also my right to point that out.

      1. orlin sellers

        The point is that the Federal holiday is Christmas; again, remembering that there is no such thing as a generic holiday. Radio Shack will have the store adorned with Christmas decorations, Christmas carols and songs wafting through the air and an ostentatious Christmas tree with gaily wrapped phony gift boxes snuggled beneath that tree. The salespeople will be encouraging customers to buy their wares for Christmas gifts. It is intellectually dishonest for Radio Shack to advertise the deals as a generic holiday sale.
        As I said, they are boycotting the word ‘Christmas’. It is their right to be absurd.

        It is also the right of the wacky religious organization to boycott Radio Shack.
        It is also your right to point out that the wackies are boycotting Radio Shack. However, it would have held more weight had you pointed out that Radio Shack is consumed with political correctness and afraid to call the holiday by its name. Regardless of anyone’s beliefs, Dec. 25 is Christmas. Get over it.

      2. Greg Camp Post author

        Clear something up for me, Orlin. You have no love for the federal government, given your comments, but you are critical of RadioShack not conforming to a federal holiday? How does that work?

  4. orlin sellers

    “Laws are sand, Custom is rock.” Mark Twain
    Is Easter a Federal Holiday? No. It is Custom.
    I played the government card just because you are a worshiper of that god.
    “…-find out what the country’s customs are, and refrain from offending against them.” Mark Twain

    1. Greg Camp Post author

      Orlin, if you’re going to make false statements about me, you’re wearing out your welcome. I do not worship that god, and you should know me well enough by now to realize that I believe in the separation of religion and government.

      1. orlin sellers

        Greg, you asked me a question and I answered it.
        All your posts that imply that individuals can do nothing without government, that IT provides charity to the needy, that IT makes our life better with IT giving us ITS commandments, That society, ITS disciples and followers, are blessed by IT and ITS benevolence.
        I see little, if any, difference between your reverence for government and the fundamentalists reverence for the Man-in-the-sky.
        The little difference I do see is that at least the fundamentalists believe stealing is a sin, whereas, you see government theft as a virtue.
        Don’t confuse my observation with an accusation. I don’t care what your religion is.

      2. Greg Camp Post author

        Orlin, yes or no: Does the government create opportunity that wouldn’t otherwise exist? Does the government contribute to the complexity of a society that wouldn’t exist otherwise? Can the government do good in a society?

        My answers are yes. You’re free to disagree, but would you avoid being insulting about it?

      1. orlin sellers

        Yes,I am done and rest my case after that silly this wouldn’t exist and that wouldn’t exist without a benevolent government sermon of yours, After your faithful testimony, I indeed rest my case that you are exactly the same as the religious, fanatic fundamentalist wackos. Religion and government, the same word just spelt differently.

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