I Am a Human Being!

Remember the insistence of the Elephant Man that he is a human being? The local NPR station, KUAF, played an announcement that the Northwest Arkansas Human Resources Association, Inc. will be holding a conference in the area.

In days gone by, the office in a company in charge of employee information and pay was the personnel department. Now, such pencil pushers are called human resource officers.

The word, resource, refers to supplies, means of resort or use, or skills. These are inanimate things. They are not persons with wills of their own.

I am not a stand of trees. I am not a mineral. I am not something that is to be exploited to the point of exhaustion and discarded.

I am a human being.


7 thoughts on “I Am a Human Being!

  1. orlin sellers

    Greg, you are shoveling it if you think you are anything but a number to your beloved government programs or your employer or any other corporatist entity you deal with.

      1. orlin sellers

        What do those instances have to do with one being identified by a number, not a name or as a person?

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