The Lesson for the Rest of Us

The Zimmerman trial is over, though there may be a civil rights federal case to come. We can agree with the conclusions of the jury or not, but this case does raise an important question for the rest of us:

What actions can a concerned citizen take?

If we see suspicious activity, must we leave it to the police, who often respond hours later, if at all? Will getting involved lead to violent responses, even if the person getting involved only asks questions?

Whatever your view of this case, it does make it look likely that we will be less willing to care about our communities. We’ll be more likely to focus only on what happens to us directly. The consequences of getting involved look too great.

That is the worst possible outcome of this trial.


7 thoughts on “The Lesson for the Rest of Us

  1. orlin sellers

    Greg, I’ve noticed that many of your posts are of “the sky is falling’ variety.

      1. orlin sellers

        If I recall, in one of your last posts you said government programs were keeping it up. So, is it good people or government?

  2. orlin sellers

    Hilarious, Greg. The father of a newborn asks the delivering doctor, “is it a boy or a girl?”
    He answers, Yes.

    What is really amusing is that you are the one who didn’t like the quiz with answers that required a ‘yes or no’ answer.

    As a matter of fact, here is your response to the quiz and its close-ended questions:

    “I disagree with most true/false or yes/no quizzes. Call it the professor in me, but I see complex situations as deserving complex answers. The questions on the quiz that you offered, Orlin, were too simplistic. Are you for or against X? Well, what if I’m for it in some things, but against it in others? That can’t be accepted in a binary test.”

    I guess all I can say to the question whether you are being honest or dishonest is, YES!

    1. Greg Camp

      You’re calling me dishonest? Start being polite here. You get the opportunity to argue with me, but let’s stay civil. You asked me about two things that aren’t mutually exclusive. That’s why I answered that both of them are involved.

      1. orlin sellers

        Let me politely say that you are not consistent, but blatantly contradictory.

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