Control Freak M.O.

The modus operandi of the gun control freaks is to say anything to deceive people into supporting their desire to infringe on rights. Ordinarily, I try to be more measured in how I say things, but the fact is that we are at war in this country. We always have been and always will be. Any free society is at war with the forces of tyranny. You, dear readers, will have heard the saying that eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. I am reminded of this often when I watch politics.

But here’s what has drawn my ire today. A website has appeared, calling itself Walmart Shootings. The following is from that site’s About page:

The Walmart Shootings blog (which is not associated with any gun violence prevention organization) highlights cases of shootings and other gun-related crimes on Walmart property, and explores issues around Walmart’s sales of guns and ammo.

The author of the site goes by the name of Baldr Odinson. This is a violation of the Norse gods, and what they will do to him for his sacrilege can be read about in the vast body of literature from the Norse culture. But if you go here, you will see this troll’s real identity clearly established. I use the word, troll, deliberately, considering what I’ve had to say about trolls in the past. The person in question steals the names of Norse gods, then goes about advocating civilian disarmament, something that Odin specifically rejects. (See, for example, Saying 38 of the Hávamál.) Ordinarily, I wouldn’t out a blogger’s real-world identity, but here we have someone who uses both names in the pursuit of infringing on our rights, so both are fair game.

As you’ll see on the Walls of the City site, this fellow is associated with “gun violence prevention” organization. In other words, he lied.

Spend enough time around gun control freaks, and you’ll see that this is typical behavior. As my fellow blogger, Retired Mustang, said recently in a comment about the Walmart Shootings site, some people see the truth only in terms of its utility, not as something fundamental.

Remember that next time someone claims that gun control is about safety.

3 thoughts on “Control Freak M.O.

  1. Mikeb302000

    Greg, I’m sorry to see that you’re linking to and aligning yourself with the likes of Linoge. All the things he calls his opponents describe him even better. There’s no nastier pro-gun advocate out there.

    You and I have been going at it for quite a while now and neither of us has ever come close to spouting the vile and unnecessarily aggressive crap that Lonoge is known for. You should take care in deciding with whom you associate.

    1. Greg Camp

      His was the best summary of the situation. I’ve seen the same information elsewhere. I’ll take the truth wherever it is to be found.

  2. Retired Mustang

    When you seek to exercise an illegitimate amount or type of control over others truth becomes more than a little inconvenient – even when it’s in the form of a pesky electron trail.


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