Exchange Rate

Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, held in the Gaza Strip for the last five years by Hamas, is about to be released in exchange for some one thousand Palestinian militants.


Someone ought to let the Palestinians know that this makes one Palestinian worth less than half an Israeli toenail.

5 thoughts on “Exchange Rate

  1. natalie

    Your response demonstrates an extreme lack of humanity and an overt and purposeful dearth of knowledge and understanding of the situation that has plagued the region for centuries. This ignorance is further amplified by the perpetuation of hate for all peoples who occupy the geological/political refered to as the Middle East over the last decades thanks to the interference of western powers that cannot and will not respect the rights of other humans to disagree with their ideals and beliefs. I expected more from one who holds strongly to his own rights of free speech and arms.

  2. Greg Camp Post author

    Perhaps you didn’t read what I wrote. My point was that exchanging one Israeli for a thousand Palestinians devalues the latter. I do support individual rights, but individuals must live up to them. The Palestinians have refused to treat negotiations as a real path to peace and statehood.

    I probably know more about the situation in the Middle East than you realize. Disagreement doesn’t equal ignorance. Your side, whatever that is, does not have exclusive possession of the facts. Those facts are available to all. Some of us interpret them differently. If you wish to explain your own interpretation, feel free to do so.

  3. Nick Payne

    I didn’t find anything hateful here, simply a statement of the “exchange rate” here. I read about this the other day as well and thought maybe I had misread the article or the Associated Press had mistakenly written 1,000 Palestinians, but no. A debate about the ongoing politics and realities of the Middle East and Western involvement this post is not. Sometimes we want to be so politically correct we jump to conclusions about simple statement of facts.

  4. Cargosquid

    Perhaps this is a “clearing of the decks” in case of military ops….

    Now there are no hostages.

    As for the new Saudi offers of money for Israeli soldiers…perhaps there should be Israeli offers of money for THEM.


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