Hau Du U Spel Dat?

I’m getting bloody tired of seeing (sp) placed in on-line comments after words that are more difficult to spell correctly. I understand misspelling a word without noticing. We all type faster than our internal spell-check from time to time. What is just plain laziness is when a person knows that the word is likely spelled with the wrong letters, but can’t be bothered to look it up.

In the future, dear readers, when you see (sp), understand that it means “slovenly person,” and feel free to respond accordingly.

11 thoughts on “Hau Du U Spel Dat?

  1. Trina Meeker

    wat r u takling bout? I tuk yur clas & sepll (sp) just fine.

    Lighten up teach!!!
    Hope you are doing well. Nashville misses you.


  2. David Green

    Greg I use the spell checker in my Word Perfect software, however, on occasion even it can’t provide the proper spelling if I can’t type enough letters in the right sequence of the word I’m looking for.

    1. Nick Payne

      A dictionary will solve those problems. However, I do realize it means we’ll have to actually use a book, God forbid.

  3. sharie

    I guess I am a slovenly person. I often put it next to names. Who knew that Claudia was spelled Clawdeeau?

  4. Cardinal Batswinger

    (Sp?) in not necessarily slovenly – English spelling is hard, irregular and the best of us make mistakes. Also we have little time to be endlessly looking stuff up – life’s too short. At least we are admitting to being uncertain of the spelling.

    If you want a reason to attack other folks there are better and more important campaigns to fight.


    1. Greg Camp

      Better and more important campaigns to fight? Perhaps not for an English teacher. Really, is it so hard to keep a dictionary by your keyboard? If your life is too short to look up a word, you’re too busy.

      1. Nick Payne

        Agreed. And I don’t even like grammar (which I had to look up in a dictionary to spell). It’s going to be sad when the English language dies.

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