Light Up Your Bill!

We received our electric bill yesterday.  We’re hardly spindthrifts here.  We like wearing sweaters during the winter, and we don’t leave on lights when no one is using them.  We certainly aren’t growing anything in the basement, unless the cats have projects of their own that they haven’t told me about.  This being the case, we expect a power bill of X dollars a month.

The actual bill was some 6X this time.  Understandably, we were annoyed by this.  Sharie, the love of my life, called the company and took her telephone out to the meter box.  It seems that the reader saw a 2 in the thousands place, but wrote down a 7.  From this experience, we can draw several observations:

1.  Institutions don’t care about individuals.  What’s a few thousand extra kilowatt hours?  The institution won’t hurt when it screws up the lives of the people it is supposed to serve.

2.  When the results are out of the norm, check the details.  Most of the time, everything’s correct, but sometimes pieces go astray.

3.  The big point, though, is that what happens to us has to be our own responsibility, since few others will care.  If something is wrong, raise a righteous stink about it.

As the old flag said, Don’t Tread On Me!

3 thoughts on “Light Up Your Bill!

  1. Russell

    We are on Ozarks Electric, and our bill is not 6X, but at least 2X. Customer service informs me that the utility companies recently purchased the sun. Now, they can not only charge me for lighting up the night, but for absorbing sunlight as well. We are considering going underground to escape this hideous monopoly.

  2. nrhatch

    Glad that the situation could be cleared up with a new reading. Imagine if the meter just starting running amok and they refused to modify the screwy readings?

    It pays to be mindful of what we are being asked to pay.

  3. oldancestor

    With my wife on the case, no one gets an extra penny out of us. I’m an idiot though. I’d just write out checks and shove them in envelopes.


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