Cuteness in Advertising

Would Subaru please explain how love is a material used in the manufacture of automobiles? This is the sentence used in the company’s commercials: “Love: It’s what makes a Subaru a Subaru.” I prefer vehicles that are made out of metals, plastics, and composites.

3 thoughts on “Cuteness in Advertising

  1. nrhatch

    Great post. Short and sassy!

    Love is the secret ingredient many home cooks use in their recipes . . . I guess Suburu felt left out! 8)

    (I was going to includ a link to my post about my favorite car ad (Audi), but I checked the comments and you already saw it.)

  2. Joyce Zeller

    Speaking of ‘Love,’ I am haunted by the notion that my shampoo loves me. Does this mean that it stalks me? Is sexual asssault an issue? (Oops, sorry). What will happen if I commit an act of betrayal and use (gasp) Dove Shampoo instead? I’m told it checks the condition of my hair and adds conditioner as needed. Oh, woe! Another opportunity for me to feel inadequate; I’ve failed again to pay attention to these vital matters.
    I beg you, copywriting gurus, to eschew anthropomorphizing(is that a word?) everyday products. I can’t take anymore.

  3. Greg Camp

    Amen! How many pigs advertize barbeque joints? Why do M&M candies offer themselves for consumption? I am amused by the Chick-fil-A cows, but that’s because of the irony. Certainly, if shampoo loves you, you have an abundance of love in your life. I’ve wondered why there must be an eight foot by twenty foot block of shelves offering me products that claim to give lift, body, fluff, and shine to my hair, but never say that they do the one thing that I want them to do: clean hair.


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